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Starting the install for Machines that Judge Us. Show details



The Final Presentation


Event Details


OpenMW released version 0.44.0 check out the changes in their update. Always amazing to see the constant progress on this open source miracle.


Some materials for Machines that Judge Us



Working on a project with Arantxa Araujo. This garment will be used in the July 12 Cuerpxs Radicales performance series at the Brooklyn Museum.



Summer Sessions @V2_

Super excited to announce that I will be a resident at V2_ this summer. Can't wait to share more about what I will be working on.

Massive thanks to V2_ & PNEK for giving me this opportunity



A Time and a Place


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Enjoyed co-running the first of three Interactive Spaces workshops at ITP Camp. These wonderful people came up with some amazing ideas for us to move forward with!



Had a brief chance to play with this at TEI 2018, so many unique interface possibilities. Big thanks to Clement Zheng for doing the demos.


More details from the Atlas Institute


Hello Log!

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