Solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Please contribute to the following efforts:

I implore all Russian people to not obey the orders of a corrupt and ruinous government. Help end senseless violence now.

A listening and observation station
Site Visits turns websites into 3D landscapes, treating each webpage as a website, a structural site and a cultural site — and collapsing these different modes of 'site' into imagined worlds.
ARchive is an Augmented Reality (AR) exploration of cultural archives.
How would machines make us feel if we could give a human voice to their algorithmic logic?
Muscle controlled social prosthetic.
Exploding the Public Digital
Collaborative audio-visual performance between dancers in Cusco and Buenos Aires.
Juxtaposing proximities.
Exploration of our time in this world.
Interactive installation that combines light and the simple joys of a swing.
Investigates how a body-centric technology might enhance our sense of directional awareness and connectedness
An adventure to adventure