Solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Please contribute to the following efforts:

I implore all Russian people to not obey the orders of a corrupt and ruinous government. Help end senseless violence now.

Building the next generation of AR and MR tools for designers.
Site Visits turns websites into 3D landscapes, treating each webpage as a website, a structural site and a cultural site — and collapsing these different modes of 'site' into imagined worlds.
ARchive is an Augmented Reality (AR) exploration of cultural archives.
How would machines make us feel if we could give a human voice to their algorithmic logic?
Muscle controlled social prosthetic.
Exploding the Public Digital
Collaborative audio-visual performance between dancers in Cusco and Buenos Aires.
Juxtaposing proximities.
Exploration of our time in this world.
Interactive installation that combines light and the simple joys of a swing.
Investigates how a body-centric technology might enhance our sense of directional awareness and connectedness