Killing Time

Juxtaposing proximities.


Many Oslo bus stops have a small screen that shows a countdown to buses arriving imminently, with a scrolling ticker line at the bottom of the screen showing buses whose arrival is a bit further out.

Using this same visual language, we created a live visual that accurately pulled bus arrival times from Ruter’s API, and replaced the scrolling line with a countdown to when some experts have projected we will hit the 2 degree C warming limit. With this visual, we were looking to juxtapose the way we process different types of data, and ask a larger question about our relationship with information, urgency, and ourselves.


datainpublic is a two-person design studio from AHO. Our aim is to probe our contemporary relationship with public digital media, which currently operates as a vessel for functional or commercial information. We are investigating how public data x digital media x public space might create spaces or scenarios for the public to discuss or engage with the sociopolitical issues of our day.

Killing Time at datainpublic