Site Visits (WIP)

While we experience websites as two-dimensional, their material code is made of distinct levels of nested elements. In Site Visits, we use this material structure to turn websites into 3D landscapes.


A work-in-progress, web-based, installation series. Co-created with Amelie Dinh.

We then use these landscapes as the physical foundation upon which to build interactive worlds that explore the social, cultural and political aspects of each site. These worlds can be interactively explored on touchscreen, in AR/VR, or viewed as video works and stills.

Site Visits considers each webpage as a multisite: a website, a structural site and a sociocultural site, and collapses these different modes of “site” into imagined worlds.


In the first of these works, we have interpreted YouTube’s code structure as an industrial landscape called Fulfilment Factory (see images). The workers in this landscape embody YouTube’s algorithm. These workers watch you watching the content. They are literal tastemakers - sampling content not for what is good or bad, but for what might individually hold you captive.

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